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Advice on Floorboards from Your Flooring Contractor in Malibu

Adding engineered wooden flooring to your home is one way to create a classic look that is hard wearing and durable. Choosing the right materials for your flooring is not always simple, and you may wish to consider your options before you make a final choice. Seeking advice from your Flooring contractor in Malibu is one way to make the right choice, and can also help you with your finished look. At Hessed Maintenance and Renovation, we believe in using high quality flooring designed to suit your home and provide a durable surface for your family.

Why Choose Engineered Wood Flooring

The most common type of wooden floorboards available to the residential market is known as engineered wood floor. This is a full board made up of several layers of wood, arranged in slightly different angles and pressure glued. This creates a very stable and strong construction that is more durable than basic wooden flooring. This type of flooring style can also be fitted directly over sub floors, and can be fitted easily by a professional. If you want a simple, solid flooring style, then engineered wood floor boards are the perfect solution.

flooring contractor in malibu

Other Varieties of Flooring

You may decide that you don’t want to have wooden floorboards fitted on your subfloor. Either due to the potential for color change or because you have seen another style of floor that you prefer. You may remember the laminate flooring of previous decades, and think that this would look good in your kitchen or bathroom. You may choose to use carpet tiles, similar in style to ordinary ceramic tiles, that fit together to create a full cover. Alternatively, you may choose something more expensive such as marble flooring for a particular area such as a hallway or bathroom.

Taking Advice about Floor Installation

Whatever type of flooring you have chosen, you may need to discuss your options with a professional Flooring contractor in Malibu. They can tell you whether you are choosing the best sort of flooring for your home and how easy or expensive that flooring style will turn out to be. By hiring flooring contractors, you can make sure that the installation is as high quality as possible, while still being affordable. To get a free estimate for the cost of the work you want to do, contact us today on (818) 399-0099.


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