Our Painting Contractors’ Precise Preparation

Pressure Wash

The first and foremost important step of the painting procedure at Hessed, Inc. is Proper surface preparation. Regardless of the quality and cost of paint being used, if the surface is not properly prepared the finished product will not last long.

Pressure Washing is used for large areas of wood and stucco where sanding and scraping are not sufficient to carefully clean and expose the original base. Using pressures ranging from 1,200 PSI to 4,500 PSI, all surface dirt, debris and paint are blasted away. Great care and precaution is taken to prevent possible water damage. All pressures are set according to manufacturers’ requirements.

When necessary, Hessed, Inc. will also remove any mildew by adding necessary chemicals to the spray that inhibits mildew growth as it cleans.

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Stucco Repair

NSC, Inc. will repair minor stucco damage; small holes and cracks caused by building shifts and water stains at no additional charge. Hessed, Inc. begins these repairs by pressure washing any stained areas to remove all discoloration. Areas are cleaned and repaired where stucco has deteriorated. All holes and cracks are filled and leveled to form an even surface. Finally, a protective sealant is applied prior to texture or paint.

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Major Carpentry

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The exterior area is carefully inspected for loose, warped, split or rotted wood on sidings, fascia boards, doors and balconies. Hessed, Inc. provides a written proposal and estimate for repairs once the extent of damage is determined. Once repairs are made, the gaps are caulked and coated with durable oil-base primer to seal and weatherize the wood. Once completed a coat of quality exterior latex paint will be applied to match the original color.

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Sanding Scraping

After a thorough pressure washing clean-up Hessed, Inc. proceeds to sand and scrape remaining surfaces to rid of any residual paint and create a smooth base, crucial to produce superior surface-to-paint bond.

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Prior to painting, a surface inspection is done for loose boards, shingles, wood siding and trim. Hessed, Inc. re-nails all loose, undamaged wood at no charge. If there are areas where wood must be replaced, the customer is notified and will provide a free estimate for repairs.


Painting preparations are completed by applying new caulk. To assure a true seal, we completely remove all the peeling caulk from around windows and doorframes. The areas are cleaned to make a better bonding surface and extend the life of the new caulk. The areas are finally re-caulked, completely filling cracks and joints. Caulk is also applied at gaps between newly replaced wood. The smooth, even surface of the new caulk forms a weather-resistant seal which enhances the exterior of the building.

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Metal Primer

As with any surface, the first step in painting metal is properly preparing the surface. Scrapers and steel wire brushes are used to clean all rusty areas, remove peeling and bubbling paint.

After the surface is prepared, an extremely adhesive red oil-base primer is rolled or brushed on. This method provides an even coating and reduces the risk of paint splattering onto surrounding areas. The dried primer forms the best possible surface for bonding the final coat of oil-base enamel.
Wood Primer The most important step in protecting exterior wood is applying a coat of quality primer. This coating is especially important for all newly replaced wood and the old which has been sanded or scraped. The primer Hessed, Inc. uses penetrates wood offering remarkable durability. This controlled penetration forms an exceptionally strong bond that seals wood in preparation for the finish coat.

Spray Painting

Prior to spraying, nearby property is covered; all windows, door handles and exterior fixtures are taped to protect them from possible overspray. Following the spraying and depending on a particular job specifications we usually back-roll or apply a second coat. Thus also enabling the paint to dry quickly, weatherizing it and helping it retain its color longer. As with any paint, “Wet Paint” signs are posted after the second coat.

Painting Metal

Hessed, Inc. applies a final coat of enamel after a metal surface has been thoroughly prepared and given a coating of rust inhibiting primer. Like the primer, this final coat is hand rolled or brushed on to provide even coverage and greater control over paint splatter.

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Painting Doors

Hessed, Inc. prepares doors as carefully and in the same manner as other surfaces, they are cleaned and rough sanded by hand to create that smooth surface needed for paint bonding. After cracks and nail holes are filled, a coat of oil-base exterior primer is applied as needed. Finally, a coat of water or oil-base enamel is hand rolled or brush on for an even coverage and color.