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Spruce up Your Deck area with an Exterior Painter in Calabasas

With spring upon us, the prospect of outdoor entertainment looms large after the long winter months spent indoors. All your dreams of cocktails and barbecues on the deck are intriguing and exciting until you look outside and see the state of your deck! The winter months will have taken their toll on your terrace, and you’ll need to spruce up your deck area with an exterior painter in Calabasas before you put it to use again.

Here are some valuable pointers for sprucing up your deck.

The railing

You need to establish that the railings of your deck are all intact and safe. Think about giving your existing railings a new lease on life with a fresh coat of varnish or paint them a different color. The help of an expert exterior painter in Calabasas is recommended for this type of jobs. If your railings need to be replaced, look at some of the more modern options such as aluminum or wrought iron. Aluminum gives your deck a sleeker more contemporary look, whereas wrought iron can create a rustic feel.


The wooden floor of your deck may need to be re-stained if it’s looking a little worse for wear. This can be done as a DIY job, although there are service providers who can come and do it for you. If you decide to do the work yourself, power-wash the deck before you start to make sure it’s clean. Let the wood dry completely. It will take 3-4 days of sunshine with no rain before you can proceed.

Sweep your deck before you start. Apply the stain, working from the top down, i.e., starting at the rails. Paint the stain on in the same direction and work your way from one end to the other. Leave the stain to dry for 2-3 days. If necessary, apply a second coat of stain.

an exterior painter in calabasas

Deck furniture

If your deck furniture is looking a bit worn-out, and you’re not going for a shabby-chic look, give some thought to replacing it. If the furniture is still in good condition except for the upholstery, see if you can get the cushions re-covered.

Liven up your deck furniture with some new scatter cushions to give it a revitalized look. Sometimes adding a few different accents to your furnishings will leave your guests asking if you’ve replaced it since last summer.

Plants and urns

A well-placed water feature adds a soothing aesthetic to any outdoor entertainment area. Garden centers tend to have a big variety for you to choose from. Select something that pleases your eye and is the right size in relation to your deck. Plants also add a dynamic look to a deck. Get some advice from your garden center in terms of what potted plants will grow well on your deck. Place them strategically to create a fresh look.

Wired for sound

An outdoor sound system which is protected against the elements is a worthwhile addition to your deck. That way you can play some mood music during a cocktail or dinner party or get the hits playing if you’re hosting a blow-out party.


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